Grade 5

Welcome to Grade 5

Mrs. Susan Cowell


There are three ways to change the world: with your words, with your deeds, and with your prayers.

Schedule Specials

Monday: Gym

Tuesday: Music

Thursday: Art and Computer/ Informational Literacy


Week of February 19th to February 23rd

Monday - -

Tuesday -

Grammar- Study irregular verbs hit to read; WB pg. 61-62 (4.9- 4.10)

Math - WB pg. 56 girls- problems 6-10 and problem 17; boys problems 1-5 and problems 18

Wednesday -

Grammar - study irregular verbs hit to read for a quiz on Thursday; WB pg. 63-64

Math - WB pg. 59 Odd numbers starting with 5, 7, 9 ... 25


Friday -


Science :

What are Air Masses?

All About Clouds: Names and Types of Clouds

Three Main Types of Clouds: Cirrus, Stratus, Cumulus

What is the Jet Stream and How does it work?

Air Masses That affect North America

Weather Fronts and Air Masses

What are Hurricanes, Typhoons, and Tropical Cyclones?

What is the Coriolis Effect?

How does the climate System Work?

What is a Weather Front?

Weather Instruments

National Geographic: Weather 101

Weather Instruments

Weather Wise

Weather Instruments- The Franklin Institute

Biomes of the World for Children: Oceans, Mountains, Grassland, Rainforest, Desert

Interactive: Identify Ecosystems

Social Studies:

NOVA: When did the first Americans arrive?

Paul Revere_ Interesting Facts

Mystery At Roanoke

Jamestown Founded in 1607

Life in Jamestown

Early English settlements: Jamestown


Basics of probability

Box and Whisker plot- Start with this one.

Know, Watch, and Learn- Box and Whisker Plots 1

Ordering Decimals 1 (Khan)

More Ordering Decimals 2 (Khan)

Read and Write Decimals

Comparing Decimals

Comparing decimals 2

Comparing decimals 3 (Khan)

Comparing Decimals 4

Grammar (interactive practice)

Interactive Verb Review

Other Links:

Smithsonian Education

Spelling City

Create Your Diamante Poem

Project/ Report Rubrics:



Book Report Rubric for Grade 5

Poetry Haiku

Wise Owl Saying: Half of doing is believing that you can.

Special Messages:

* Remember: Any classwork that is not completed during the school day, should be completed for homework.

Test schedule may be subject to change.

Scheduled Tests: February 19, 2018 - February 23, 2018


Tuesday- Reading vocabulary quiz on chapters 10-11.

Wednesday -

Thursday - Grammar quiz on 4.4 to 4.7 and hit to read; Math quiz on 5-6 to 5-9

Friday -

Facebook Facts Option C